You will find designs here for both silk gauze and traditional cross stitch; in most cases, these are completely interchangeable and can be stitched as you prefer. Most chartpaks for the silk gauze designs also include the cut of silk gauze and stitch diagrams.

Supply lists and other details are found on each design page, as are recommended skill levels in many cases. All can be purchased from your favorite retailer. I do not handle direct retail sales; rather I prefer to support our hard-working independent shop owners as much as I can.

A note about the silk gauze...
For many years, I've stitched my models on 40 count silk gauze; however, it has become much more difficult to get recently. My wholesale suppliers have met with various challenges and either cannot source it at all or are taking this time to seek alternate manufacturers. Therefore, The Petites Collection chartpaks will include 35 count silk gauze for the foreseeable future.