Eden Berry

Eden Berry - linen and silk

Eden Berry

Here's something for your Adam & Eve collection...all the key elements of the story are here, along with a portion of the verse from Genesis 8: ...and the Lord God planted a garden.

The silk berry also includes a few tiny straight stitches for detail and the grassy area surrounding the serpent is a patterned satin stitch which adds textural detail. The apples on the linen berry are woven spider web stitches; there is also some over-one stitching and a few other details to round out the design features.

Eden Berry is sold as a “partner” chartpak, a format which includes instructions and charts for linen and silk berries.

Stitch count:

206 x 118
Suggested fabric option for silk berry: select your favorite even weave in a color similar to DMC 613 or 822.


The Gentle Art: Grape Leaf, Roasted Marshmallow (10 yards)
Weeks Dye Works: Baked Apple, Bayberry, Caper, Chestnut, Chickpea, Jay Bird, Onyx, Putty, Sand, Whiskey, White Lightning, Whitewash

Stitching Level:


Stitch count:

126 x 73


36 count Legacy linen from Picture This Plus


The Gentle Art: Grape Leaf
Weeks Dye Works: Baked Apple, Bayberry, Caper, Chestnut, Jay Bird, Onyx, Sand, Whiskey, White Lightning

Eden Berry, Copyright 2017. Original counted thread designs by Linda Stolz for Erica Michaels Designs.

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