Fall Bounty Berry

Fall Bounty Berry - linen and silk

Fall Bounty Berry

It's all about the glorious colors of autumn in this berry – plus one or two squirrels enjoying their harvest!

The linen berry is stitched on 28 count gingham linen, so it's a bit larger than my other berries, but I love how the gingham pattern works. I've tucked in the color names throughout, but you could substitute a few of your favorite things for the season.

Fall Bounty Berry is sold as a “partner” chartpak, a format which includes instructions and charts for linen and silk berries.

Stitch count:

217 x 121
Suggested fabric option for silk berry: select your favorite even weave in a color similar to DMC 371.


Weeks Dye Works: Amber, Brick, Bright Leaf, Chestnut, Chrysanthemum, Collards, Flatfish, Grape Vine, Havana, Mascara, Putty (10 yards), Straw

Stitching Level:


Stitch count: 

126 x 72


28 count Gingham/Straw linen from Weeks Dye Works


Weeks Dye Works: Brick, Chestnut, Chrysanthemum, Collards, Grape Vine, Havana, Mascara, Straw

Fall Bounty Berry, Copyright 2017. Original counted thread designs by Linda Stolz for Erica Michaels Designs.

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