We the People

We the People

We the People

Presenting the Preamble of our Constitution in a clean and classic design for cross stitch.

If you like, the top 'banner' portion of the design is easily stitched on it's own - and makes a nice piece if you don't like stitching words or want a quicker project!

Some of you on this side of the "pond" may find the spelling of the word "defence" a bit odd; here in the United States we are used to seeing it spelled "defense." However, the word "defence" is actually the British spelling of the same word and as our founding fathers were British colonists, it's not surprising that this spelling was used.

Stitch count:

180 x 171


30 count Heirloom Gold linen from R&R Reproductions
(Any pretty warm neutral will do nicely)


The Gentle Art: Maple Syrup (10 yards), Oatmeal, and Tarnished Gold (10 yards)
Classic Colorworks: Bandana, Wavy Navy (10 yards)

The symbols for Bandana and Tarnished Gold were switched. Bandana is used for the red portions of the flag and noted with a 'forward slash' symbol; Tarnished Gold is one of the colors used for the text and noted with an 'up arrow' symbol.

We the People, Copyright 2007. Original counted thread designs by Linda Stolz for Erica Michaels Designs.

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