Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic

The moments
The memory
The magic…

The Christmas season is filled with all three, whatever age we might be. This design highlights old vintage ornaments, gentle snowflakes, and a reminder about the magic of Christmas. I’ve added some metallic threads for a bit of sparkle; this is optional if you prefer a more ‘prim’ look. Stitched on natural brown/undyed linen, you’ll want to look for fabric that has good contrast with all of those details stitched in white floss.

Stitch count:

60 x 178


Wichelt Imports: natural brown linen


Weeks Dye Works: Curry, Lucky, Santa Cruz, Snowflake, Strawberry Fields
DMC: 01
Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid: #PB04 Silver. #PB17 Water Blue, #PB67 Raspberry

The model as shown is mounted on a wall decor piece from Hobby Lobby.
Quatrefoil Cutout Wood Wall Decor, SKU 5667456

Additional details are noted in the chartpak. Look for similar pieces that might fit your own!

CHRISTMAS MAGIC, Copyright 2022. Original counted thread designs by Linda Stolz for Erica Michaels Designs.

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