Boardwalk Review

Boardwalk Revue

Boardwalk Revue

Are you a beach lover and a fan of the traditional seaside boardwalks? Boardwalk Revue was originally released for a retreat in Ocean City, MD with Salty Yarns - and if you’ve visited you will recognize the historic hotel building on the front of the pocket design. Many boardwalk destinations still have some of these vintage buildings which add to the overall charm of the location. The pocket opens up for a bit more stitching which you can personalize as you like, plus additional pockets for some of your favorite things. A companion berry partners with this nicely.

Note: not all of the accessory items you see in the photos are available as they were exclusive for the retreat.

Also look for companion designs from Fern Ridge Collections and The Stitching Parlor (to be released in 2022) - the three of us collaborated for this project and the entire set is wonderful!


Stitch count: 
Pocket design: 96w x 196h Linen berry: 126 x 72
Weeks Dye Works: 32 count Parchment linen
Classic Colorworks: Chesapeake Bay, Peanut Brittle, Pebble Beach, Trail Dust DMC: blanc/white, ecru, 221, 535, 924, 3778, 3790

General finishing guidelines are included. You might also stitch only the front of the pocket design - or the inside with additional personalization. Certainly, there are multiple options!
Weeks Dye Works' wools: Camel, Cinnabar, Dove
Puntini Puntini: set of five (5) pins; there are many wonderful beach-themed pins and other embellishments for you to choose from.

BOARDWALK REVUE, Copyright 2020. Original counted thread designs by Linda Stolz for Erica Michaels Designs.

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