Nancy Alden, 1795

Nancy Alden, 1795

Nancy Alden, 1795

I stumbled across the original tablet format sampler one day at my local frame shop – and was delighted when the owner allowed me to reproduce it. That bird in the lower corner really grabbed my attention, but the entire sampler is wonderful. It's likely English, although we don't know much about Nancy Alden herself. Mostly worked in cross stitches, there are also eyelets and a few bullion knots, with the Lord's Prayer and Apostle's Creed worked over one thread.

If the large amount of over-one stitching seems a bit much for you, I've also charted the Lord's Prayer over two threads so it fills both tablet sections. It's still completely in character with the original and makes a nice alternative stitch.

In addition, a set of smalls based on these sampler motifs also available: Nancy's Sewing Necessaries.

Stitch count:

233 x 211


32 count Lentil linen from Lakeside Linens
Consider purchasing additional linen so you have extra to complete the smalls in Nancy's Sewing Necessaries.


The Gentle Art: Brandy, Caramel Corn, Cast Iron Skillet, Cidermill Brown, Forest Glade, Pink Azalea (10 yards), Roasted Marshmallow, Shaker White, Tea Rose, Tropical Ocean
Weeks Dye Works, Aztec Red (10 yards), Busy Lizzie (10 yards), Cayenne (15 yards), Cognac, Dirt Road, Dove, Havana, Kudzu, (10 yards), Putty (15 yards)

Nancy Alden 1795, Copyright 2016. Original counted thread designs by Linda Stolz for Erica Michaels Designs.

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