The Sampler Book

The Sampler Book

The Sampler Book

How many of you remember The Sampler Book? It was first published in 2006 and based on the final series of monthly charts I did for Rainbow Gallery, promoting their line of threads. It's recently been sort of rediscovered, and is available again through the end of 2019. The original charts are complimentary and still available on Rainbow Gallery's website; those charts use a wide range of their threads and are stitched on a variety of fabrics.

Each chart highlights a different specialty stitch, a small border and several upper and lower case letter forms, in addition to the image represented by the letter of the alphabet.

The book you see pictured here uses those same charts, but they have all been keyed for Splendor silk (with DMC alternates). I used 32 count linens and evenweaves for the book, utilizing whatever smaller pieces I had on hand so each page of the book is a different fabric. As long as your cover and page fabrics are the same count, you can use whatever you like.

This very complete chartpak includes all of the A-Z charts with their Splendor silk color keys, plus charts for the front and back cover shown here, detailed finishing instructions, diagrams and a complete supply list.

Stitch count:

See the details in the chartpak.

Fabric and Threads:

A very detailed supply list is included in the chartpak. This project is designed to be stitched on a variety of fabrics you might already have on hand. Splendor Silk and DMC colors are both provided to guide you in your selections. You do NOT need the downloadable charts unless you wish to stitch the pages with a variety of threads.


Additional materials required for finishing the project are also included in the master supply list.

The Sampler Book, Copyright 2006 and 2018. Original counted thread designs by Linda Stolz for Erica Michaels Designs.

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