Mary Havens, 1837

Mary Havens, 1837

Mary Havens, 1837

The overflowing urn of flowers and the faded color scheme of this sampler are what first caught my interest, but I was drawn in further by the balance of the composition and the details, including queen stitches, which Mary incorporated into her sampler.

If you like smalls, check Mary Havens' Smalls for an entire set based on the motifs in this sampler.

Stitch count:

246 x 244


40 count Maritime White linen from Lakeside Linens


The Gentle Art: Baked Clay, Caramel Corn (15 yards), Dungarees, Endive, Flax (10 yards), Otter Creek (dark green, 15 yards), Straw Bonnet, Toasted Barley and Honey Dew* (10 yards)
Weeks Dye Works: Olive, Oscar, Sanguine, Sage

*Honey Dew was selected for the inner border of queen stitches. Depending on your fabric choice and dye lot, you may need a alternate floss color which provides a similar subtle and tonal contrast with the fabric.

A symbol was omitted from the color key; please note that the "up" arrow symbol uses Sage from Weeks Dye Works.

Mary Havens 1837, Copyright 2016. Original counted thread designs by Linda Stolz for Erica Michaels Designs.

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