English Sampler Berries

English Sampler Berries

English Sampler Berries

First introduced in 2019 as a club series, all three berries are now available as a trio in a single chartpak. The designs are inspired by the motifs from a lovely English antique sampler in my personal collection. Elegant and classic, these are wonderful additions to your growing berry collection.

Stitch count:

127 x 72 each


R&R Reproductions: Vintage Homespun, Vintage Beeswax, American Chestnut
*All three berries can be stitched on the same linen per personal preference.


Weeks Dye Works: Collards, Crimson, Dirt Road, Grasshopper, Grits, Havana, Molasses, Palomino, Raspberry, Red Pear, Twilight, Whiskey
DMC: 2240, 310
*Not all colors are used on all three berries.

Weeks Dye Works wool: Juniper GP, Kudzu, Lancaster Red, Palomino, Palomino HB, Red Pear
*Not all wools are used on all three berries.

ENGLISH SAMPLER BERRIES, Copyright 2019. Original counted thread designs by Linda Stolz for Erica Michaels Designs.

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