Reindeer Games

Reindeer Games - framed model

Reindeer Games

Have some fun with a bit of North Pole word play in this design! The full complement of reindeer, plus Santa and at least one of his helpers are all packed into this board game look.

Also in the chartpak are charts for a companion berry and drum design - pick your favorite or stitch all three pieces!

NOTE: Some of you may have noticed I used the name "Donder" versus "Donner" - both names are seen in different versions of the verse, and it's easy to swap out from one to the other if you like.

Stitch count:

Framed Model: 140 x 130
Drum: 189 x 40
Berry: 127 x 72


Weeks Dye Works: 40 count Straw


Classic Colorworks: Black Coffee, Holly Berry, Snowball, Steamed Broccoli, Trail Dust
DMC: 729, 950, 3881 (or 164)


Weeks Dye Works: Wools in Gingerbread, Collards HB, Candy Apple
Drum Finishing by Lady Dot Creates: Potato velveteen, Licorice mini pom trim, custom pins

On the color key for the berry and drum, the symbol should be a 'circle'.

REINDEER GAMES, Copyright 2020. Original counted thread designs by Linda Stolz for Erica Michaels Designs.

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