Abra Lowney, 1825

Abra Lowney sampler

Abra Lowney, 1825

Abra was just eleven when she completed her sampler. She was from Sebec, Maine and stitched her work in a striking color scheme that highlights her stitching skills. The verse is charming and romantic for a young girl.

O let my name engraven stand
Both on thy heart and on thy hand
Set me upon thine arm and were
That pledge of love forever there.

This is not a precise reproduction but still remains true to Abra's original work. The chartpak includes detailed instructions and diagrams for all portions of the sampler, including eyelets, bargello, free-hand stitching and the saw tooth border.

If you love smalls, check out the set based on Abra's sampler: Abra's Sampler Smalls

Stitch count:

194 x 194


36 count Cocoa from Weeks Dye Works


Needlepoint Inc. Silk: 131, 186, 327*, 335, 354, 525** (2 skeins), 587, 692, 694
*There is very little of NPI 327 used; if you already have a bit of navy blue silk, it should be a suitable alternative.
**If you like over dyed silks, I suggest Gloriana's "Vintage Teal" in place of the NPI 525 Jade.

Suggested DMC and Weeks Dye Works cotton floss alternates are also included in the chartpak.

Abra Lowney 1825, Copyright 2018. Original counted thread designs by Linda Stolz for Erica Michaels Designs.

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