Charlotte Mullenger

Charlotte Mullenger - reproduction

Charlotte Mullenger

I love Charlotte’s sampler - the cute houses in each corner, several little dogs, the large cartouche, the accents of blue and coral - it’s definitely one for your collection!

The antique was stitched on very fine linen, perhaps 46-48 count and is beautifully executed. It is not dated, but she notes that she is eight years of age. A bit of research finds a Charlotte Mullenger born in 1828 or 1829 in Norfolk, England, so we might surmise the sampler was stitched in the mid to late 1830’s.

I’ve stitched this reproduction on 37 count linen with silk floss. BUT if you love the sampler motifs, yet are not so sure about the large size - I’ve created a mini sampler adaptation using several of the motifs and the general color palette from the original. Decisions, decisions…

Companion linen berries and smalls are also available.

Stitch Count:

228 x 314


Access Commodities: 37 count "Corn Tassel" linen


Au Ver a Soie/Soie d'Alger: 1715, 2633, 3224, 3745, 3832, 3836, 4122, 4534
Two skeins each of: 3735, 4245, 4521

Stitch count:

149 x 105


Picture This Plus: 36 count "Wren" linen


Weeks Dye Works: Chestnut, Deep Sea, Dirt Road, Dolphin, Fawn, Oilcloth, Palomino, Straw, Tarragon
DMC: 3371
NOTE: The color key symbols are the same as shown in the reproduction if you would like to stitch the larger sampler in this color palette or vice versa.

CHARLOTTE MULLENGER, Copyright 2020. Original counted thread designs by Linda Stolz for Erica Michaels Designs.

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