Mary Briggs, 1806

Mary Briggs, 1806

Mary Briggs, 1806

I love my antique marking samplers and Mary’s is a personal favorite because she is my third great-grand-aunt. Mary was never married and her sister, my third great-grandmother, must have packed this with her personal belongings when she moved from Pennsylvania to Kansas in 1887.

Two charts are included here. One for the adaptation with the quote: The greatest thing in the world is the alphabet as all wisdom is contained therein. The second chart is the accurate reproduction of the antique.

Marking Sampler Adaptation Series
All chartpaks include the two charts (adaptation and reproduction) plus a separate alphabet card to gather into a collection for handy reference when you need a good, charted alphabet for personalizing your work. Read more about these collectible cards in the tab below.

Other samplers in the series include: Sally Bullard

Stitch count:

Adaptation: 148 x 146
Antique: 148 x 136


Picture This Plus: 36 count Wren linen


Classic Colorworks: Hickory Sticks
Weeks Dye Works: Beige, Cadet, Molasses, Oilcloth
DMC: 3371

Included in each chartpak in the Marking Sampler Adaptation series is a full-color cardstock chart with at least one of the alphabets from its respective sampler. The card is sized as a half-sheet, or 5.5” x 8.5”, and will fit into a mini-sized binder with sheet protectors. Search for ‘mini’ binders on Amazon, Google, or look at paper crafting resources.

My binder has a DIY fabric cover (I used this tutorial from Hello Sewing) and I created a title page for this collection which you can download here (simply print, fold it in half and insert into your binder).

Other options for these cards might be a custom fabric pocket or small zippered project bag.

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MARY BRIGGS, 1806, Copyright 2022. Original counted thread designs by Linda Stolz for Erica Michaels Designs.

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