St. Nick’s Berry

St. Nick's Berry - linen and silk

St. Nick's Berry

Everyone’s favorite jolly elf in his work clothes - buffalo plaid shirt, green jeans and boots. He sports a large “believe” banner on the linen berry; on the silk berry he is surrounded by lots of holiday details and a reminder to be jolly and believe!

NOTE: Silk and linen berry chartpaks have been sold separately for some time, and copies are likely still available from numerous retailers. However, due to the lack of silk gauze available for the foreseeable future, St. Nick's Berry will be sold as a “partner” chartpak. This new format will include instructions and charts for both berries - but no silk gauze.

A “Stitch Dot” magnet from Zappy Dots is available.

Stitch count:

205 x 121
Suggested fabric option for silk berry: select your favorite even weave in a color similar to DMC 712.


The Gentle Art: Baby Spinach, Black Licorice, Chalk, Cherry Wine, Currant, Gold Leaf, Maple Syrup, Pine, Roasted Marshmallow (10 yards)
DMC: 754

Stitching Level:



Weeks Dye Works wool: Collards hounds tooth, Merlot glen plaid

Stitch count:

126 x 72


Wichelt Imports: 32 count Tumbleweed


Weeks Dye Works: Grits, Holly, Mascara, Merlot, Monkey Grass, Oilcloth, Turkish Red, Whiskey
DMC: 758


Weeks Dye Works wool: Juniper

Linen Berry:
In early printings, the symbols for Whiskey and Oilcloth were switched. Oilcloth should be noted with an asterisk * symbol, and Whiskey is the slash \ symbol. Refer to the photos for additional reference.

St. Nick's Berry, Copyright 2019. Original counted thread designs by Linda Stolz for Erica Michaels Designs.

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