12 Berries of Christmas, Part #3
Click here for a correction to the "Swimming Swans" berry.
Color Key Correction on the Mermaid Berry: Pumpkin Patch is an open square symbol DMC 950 is an open heart symbol
Omitted from early copies of the instructions is the detail that the satin stitch border is worked using 1 ply of Blue Spruce floss.
Some early copies will have an error in the color key. Please note that the symbols for Sunset and Garden Gate are switched. Sunset floss should be noted as an 'open' diamond shape, and Garden Gate floss should be the solid circle symbol.
Correction to color key: The symbol for DMC 400 should be ↑ (an 'up' arrow).
Little Bits o' Spring: The symbol for Grape Pie should be a solid circle, and the symbol for Jolly Holly should be a solid square.
A symbol was omitted from the color key; please note that the "up" arrow symbol uses Sage from Weeks Dye Works.
Early printings of the silk Nativity Berry are missing a symbol from the color key: the open/hollow diamond shape uses Toasted Barley from the Gentle Art.
Early printings of the linen berry have an error in the color key. Click here for a correct copy.
The symbol for the bird's nest in the "spring" corner was omitted from the key in the instructions. The symbol looks a bit like a teeny bow tie and should be stitched using DMC 3032.
In original printings, the '/' symbol is missing from the color key. Please use Shaker White here.

The symbols for Bandana and Tarnished Gold were switched. Bandana is used for the red portions of the flag and noted with a 'forward slash' symbol; Tarnished Gold is one of the colors used for the text and noted with an 'up arrow' symbol. 

In early printings, two symbols are switched. The solid circle symbol is DMC 310 and the solid square symbol is DMC 158.

The solid circle symbol used for the little crab's eyes is missing from the color key. Use any dark color for these two little stitches - such as the Gunmetal already used in this design or DMC 3799 or 3371.

In early printings, the symbols for Baby Spinach and Gold Leaf are switched in the color key.  Baby Spinach is the 'up' arrow symbol; Gold Leaf is the 'circle' symbol.

In early printings, the symbols for Whiskey and Oilcloth were switched.
Oilcloth should be noted with an asterisk * symbol, and Whiskey is the slash \ symbol.

Refer to the photos for additional reference.

Color Key Correction:
The symbols for Gentle Art "Caramel Corn" and Weeks Dye Works "Dirt Road" are switched in the color key of initial printings.
Please note the symbol for Caramel Corn should be an 'open' circle, and the symbol for Dirt Road is the *asterisk*.

Chart Symbol Correction: In the chart for "Live Love Bark", the word "BARK" should be stitched using Onyx, or the solid square symbol (not the heart shape symbol as seen in earlier printings.)

Oops! Early printings of Naughty or Nice?  have a symbol error on the berry charts. The 'checkmark' symbol is stitched using Oilcoth floss, and should be a bold 'x' symbol.

Also, the straight stitch 'star' motifs on the Nice Berry are worked using one ply of Bee's Knees floss.

On the color key for the berry and drum, the symbol should be a 'circle'.

There is an error in the color key for the larger sampler shown on linen. The color "Gold" from Weeks Dye Works should be a small 'x' symbol.

Also, an error on the small chart: the solid heart symbol should be the 'hollow' circle symbol, stitched with "Blue Heron".

The word "beatitudes" is misspelled in the bottom border band of the overall design. Please refer to this PDF chart for the correction.

Almost twenty years and several hundred titles mean that I’m not always perfect! I hate that errors appear occasionally – but it happens. If you have an early printing of one of these designs, this page provides you with those corrections.