Linda Stolz | Owner, Erica Michaels Designs | Cross Stitch PatternsWelcome to Erica Michaels Designs! I'm Linda Stolz and I've been sewing and stitching since I was young. Like many of you, I tried my hand at several types of needlework as I was introduced to each of them by my mother, aunt, and grandmothers - embroidery, quilting, crocheting knitting and dressmaking. I stitched my first counted cross stitch sampler early in college and was hooked. It's been a passion and a profession ever since. I sincerely hope you enjoy my designs and use them to explore your own creativity.

I grew up in the small town of Halstead, Kansas - near Wichita. I was always interested in art and have a bachelor's degree in home economics/interior design from Kansas State University and worked in that field for several years out of college. A few more office or administrative jobs followed in a variety of fields, but stitching remained a constant.

In 1998 our family relocated to the Tulsa, OK area. Eric was just old enough that I could pick up my stitching hobby again and a friend suggested that I visit The Silver Needle. A few months later I was working for Lindy at the shop and learning lots of new things about this business. I began designing small things for the shop. One thing led to another and with the encouragement of everyone at The Silver Needle, I started my own line of designs in 2000.

But, who is Erica Michaels? After much thought, I realized altering my son’s name – Eric Michael – slightly was perfect! Sometimes it is a bit confusing since I'm often called "Erica", but I've learned to answer to it from lots of people in this business and don't mind at all. Our family moved a few times over the years, but we’ve called Clarksville, Tennessee home since 2000.

I spend a lot of time stitching my own models because I typically revise colors and small details as I go. However, I still stitch other projects for my own pleasure whenever I can, often joining my local stitch group – it's wonderful to take a break from the "work" stitching and do something completely different. I’m very grateful that I get to do this job. Thanks for your support!

Click on this YouTube link to listen to my visit with Gary and Christine of Fiber Talk. Berries, silk gauze and much more were some of the topics we covered. Plug in your earphones, settle in to stitch and have a listen!