My goal here is that you gain at least one or two things that help you with questions you have about finishing berries and/or stitching on silk gauze. It will never be the same as me or anyone else sitting with you and coaching you through, but these will certainly provide you with a great start.

Assembling the Berries

Silk Gauze

Since I began designing for silk gauze, I've included a page in each chartpak with basic stitch diagrams and instructions for mounting the silk gauze. In order to save a few extra trees, this page will no longer be included - rather, you can download it here, or refer to the tutorials presented here. Thank you.

As of May 2020, I will be transitioning to 35 count silk gauze. In recent years, 40 count silk gauze has become much more difficult to get. My wholesale suppliers have met with various challenges and we don't know exactly when more will become available. Therefore, my Petites chartpaks will include 35 count silk gauze for the foreseeable future. The finished product is just as lovely, you still use a single ply of floss (although you may need to adjust your tension a bit), stitching techniques and finishing are also the same. And of course it's easier on the eyes!