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New is fun, isn't it? We seem to absolutely crave whatever is the latest and greatest - well, here's the best place to satisfy that craving for all things petite and wonderful from Erica Michaels.

Click on the title or image to view a larger photo, a list of supplies and a suggested recommendation for the level of stitching expertise. Most designs will fall into an easy-to-intermediate category because these are so doable for most anyone.
 However, some are ideally suited to beginners and others are for the more experienced stitcher. Remember, we all stitch for pleasure - I hope this will help you make your decision about your next project easier.

When the next new designs are posted here, you can still find all of the current designs on the Petites page for easy reference.

Visit our new TADSAW page Erica Michaels is proud to support the Train a Dog -- Save a Warrior (TADSAW) program. For any of the patriotic/Americana-themed designs (including both petites and cross stitch), a portion of the proceeds is donated directly to TADSAW. What a great way to support returning soldiers and veterans -- and help shelter dogs!
Visit our TADSAW page for details.

MARCH, 2018

Lucky Berry

Lucky Berry
The luck of the Irish to you! The Gaelic translation for "good luck" is included on the silk berry along with lots of fun shamrock-y details.

Both berries are stitched in lovely shades of green and topped with pretty caps of Collards houndstooth wool from Weeks Dye Works.

Peacock Party Berry
Peacock Party Berry
Most of us find the peacock to be a fascinating creature, and this berry celebrates the glorious colors and showy strut of the male.

Although a group of peafowl is often called a bevy -- it's also sometimes called a party! The Blue Topaz wool is the perfect finish for these.

Sweet Freedom Berry
Sweet Freedom Berry
Inspired by the well-known hymn, America, this design incorporates portions of versus one and three, where we see the reference to "sweet freedom's song."

A traditional Americana color palette accented with wools and trims in red and blue with brass accents complete these additions to the Berry Collection.

Little Flock
Little Flock
Growing up, I saw this verse from Luke 12:32 at least weekly because it was the unofficial motto of our home church. It's still a comforting reminder of things to come.

Stitched in pretty springtime colors, it's shown mounted to a hornbook from Retromantic Fripperies and trimmed with ribbons.

Mermaid Kisses
Mermaid Kisses
A quick and very fun little treat for your beach collection -- quick to stitch in just two colors of floss!

The clay micro mini button from Just Another Button Company is included in your chartpak.

Sisters Together Sisters Together
Whether you are sisters by blood or sisters by heart -- this is a great way to celebrate that relationship.

The model is stitched on gauze (because I'm addicted) but is easily stitched on any fabric you like -- choose your favorite color palette, personalize with the enclosed alphabets, and you are set!
Note: silk gauze is not included in this chartpak.

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