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New is fun, isn't it? We seem to absolutely crave whatever is the latest and greatest - well, here's the best place to satisfy that craving for all things petite and wonderful from Erica Michaels.

Click on the title or image to view a larger photo, a list of supplies and a suggested recommendation for the level of stitching expertise. Most designs will fall into an easy-to-intermediate category because these are so doable for most anyone.
 However, some are ideally suited to beginners and others are for the more experienced stitcher. Remember, we all stitch for pleasure - I hope this will help you make your decision about your next project easier.

When the next new designs are posted here, you can still find all of the current designs on the Petites page for easy reference.

Visit our new TADSAW page Erica Michaels is proud to support the Train a Dog -- Save a Warrior (TADSAW) program. For any of the patriotic/Americana-themed designs (including both petites and cross stitch), a portion of the proceeds is donated directly to TADSAW. What a great way to support returning soldiers and veterans -- and help shelter dogs!
Visit our TADSAW page for details.


Ebenezer's Blessing Ebenezer's Blessing Ebenezer's Blessing
A companion to Ebenezer's Christmas, this new berry is a must for your holiday stitching. The color schemes are the same as the previous design so you can easily include it with your other pieces.

In addition to the berry, there is a bonus chart with another quote from our favorite 'bah humbug' character - in both the silk and linen versions of the chartpak.

Jingle Berry Jingle Berry Jingle Berry
Lots of festive red for the holidays! The linen berries are a quick stitch, done on Garnet linens from Weeks Dye Works - including a lovely 28ct Garnet Gingham.

The little silk berry is best for the experienced stitcher, but it's so worth the end result! Flip the design when finishing if you want the cone-shaped 'hat' look!


Fall Bounty Berry Fall Bounty Berry
It's all about the glorious colors of autumn in this berry plus one or two squirrels enjoying their bounty! The linen berry is stitched on 28 count gingham linen, so it's a bit larger than my other berries, but I love how the gingham pattern works.

I've tucked in the color names throughout, but you could substitute a few of your favorite things for the season.

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