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Presenting the famous Preamble of our Constitution in a clean and classic design for cross stitch.

Our model is stitched on 30ct Heirloom Gold hand dyed linen from R& R Reproductions, although any lovely "old gold" fabric will do very nicely.

We used floss from Gentle Art and Crescent Colours in classic Americana colors; the model finishes at 12'' x 12''.

This one is perfect anywhere and anytime-in fact, my husband has requested this model for his office!

Some of you on this side of the "pond" may find the spelling of the word "defence" a bit odd; here in the United States we are used to seeing it spelled "defense." However, the word "defence" is actually the British spelling of the same word and as our founding fathers were British colonists, it's not surprising that this spelling was used. It's just one example of many (such as color vs. colour) small differences in British and American English.

A donation goes to TADSAW with the sale of this design.

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