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Download Zip Files of Shop Images

Date of ReleaseDesignsImages Included
Spring 2023
Alpha Berries1
Charlotte & Polly Hard1
For All the Seasons I1
Quilting A-Bee-C’s - Part #21
Nashville Market 2023
The Beach is Calling1
The Embroideress1
Heirloom Tomato1
Mary Briggs, 18061
Quaker Wisdom Berries1
Quilting A-Bee-Cs - Part #11
Sally Bullard1
Special Notice1
Materials Listn/a
Winter 2022/2023
Good Will to Men1
Forever Thine1
Needlework Expo 2022
3 Wise Women1
A Shepherd’s Care II1
Abundant Table1
All Hallows Eve1
Christmas Blessing1
Christmas Magic1
Turkey Time1
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Supply Listn/a
May 2022
Shepherd's Care I1
Boardwalk Revue1
The Salty Mermaid1
Supply Listn/a
Nashville Market 2022
Chocolate or Coffee?1
Christy Barron, 18321
English Sampler Berries1
Liberty Games1
The Sewing Bee1
Stitch All the Things1
The Sampler Book1
Supply Listn/a
Nov 2021
Happy Hanukkah1
Life is Better – Woof!1
Winter Berries2
Needlework Expo, August 2021
Autumn Berries1
Bristol Berries III2
Christmons Motif Sampler2
Holly Jolly Christmas1
Leafy Sidewalks1
Life is Better-Meow1
The Moon is Full1
Supply Listn/a
May 2021
Bristol Berries II1
God Bless America1
Mermaid Crossing2
Summertime Berries1
Supply Listn/a
Needlework Expo March 2021
Blessings Be More2
Bristol Berries I1
Do Unto Others1
Lions Tigers & Trims3
Spring Berries1
Tiptoe Through the Tulips1
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Wholesale Price Listn/a
December 2020
Peaceful Woodlands1
Supply List PDFn/a
Fall 2020
Hearthside Christmas2
Holiday Home Berries1
Reindeer Games2
Fall 2020
Be Like a Crow2
Pumpkin Please1
Wicked Cute1
Naughty or Nice?1
Summer 2020
Charlotte's Smalls1
Ocean of Wisdom II1
Twinkle Berry1
Spring 2020
Charlotte's Berries1
Constant Companion3
My Heart Beats True1
Nashville Market 2020
Bark Berry1
Charlotte Mullenger2
Crooked Crown1
Easter Babies Berry2
Hannah's Garden2
Purr Berry1
Silk Gauze Primer1
Wonderfully Made3
Winter 2020
Charity for All1
Walk on the Beach1
October 2019
ChrisMoose Berry1
Chuck-ful Christmas1
August 2019
The Beatitudes1
Defining Autumn1
Fall for Autumn1
Mistletoe Kisses1
St. Nick's Berry1
June 2019
The Beatitudes (this is part #2)1
Stingy Jack & Friends1
Spring 2019
The Beatitudes1
Abra Smalls1
Defining Summer (gauze)1
Defining Summer (linen)1
Nashville 2019
Abra Lowney, 18251
All Through the Night2
Defining Spring2
My Refuge1
My Needle Berry2
Sunshine Berry2
Fall 2018
Defining Winter2
Jingle Bells1
Jolly Soul2
Joy to the World1
Prince of Peace2
Silent Night1
Star of Wonder1
Summer 2018
Adeste Fideles1
Deck the Halls1
Gloria in Excelsis1
Grace & Blessings I3
O Tannenbaum1
Scary Berry2
Spring 2018
Consider the Lilies3
Victory & Peace1
Nashville 2018
Little Flock1
Lucky Berry2
Mermaid Kisses1
Peacock Party Berry2
Sisters Together2
Sweet Freedom Berry2
Fall 2017
Ebenezer's Blessing2
Fall Bounty Berry2
Jingle Berry2
Spring Summer 2017
Mary Havens' Smalls1
Mermaid Berry1
Nashville 2017
By the Sea1
Eden Berry2
Mary Havens, 18371
Owe Them All1
Peace Like a River1
Fall 2016
12 Berries of Christmas4
dem Bones2
Honey Berry2
Joyful Christmas1
Nativity Berry2
Wise Men1
Spring 2016
A Needle's Work1
Earth's Flowers1
Nancy's Sewing Necessaries1
Nashville 2016
From the Lord3
Just Believe1
Liberty & Justice2
Nancy Alden 17951
Quaker Berry2
Sampler Berry2
Winter 2015
Fall 2015
Holly Berry2
Pumpkin Row3