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This little piece is packed with lots of motifs for our favorite past time. Measuring a mere 1.8" square we've stitched this one with Belle Soie silk from Crescent Colours.

Choose your favorite threads - just 2 related colors plus the background - and you're good to go. Our model is framed in a bitty frame that is really pretty with the silks, but think about making this into a little needlebook too!

Now available in the Petites Classics line.  Random Threads in cross stitch -- click to see more Stitch count: 71 wide x 71 high (1.8" x 1.8")

Crescent Colours Belle Soie silk: Chocolat, Cinnamon Stick, Vanilla Pudding

Stitching Level:


Random Threads on 40ct Silk Gauze -- click to see more

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