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on Silk Gauze

The Erica Michaels Petites chartpaks include the following:
  • Silk gauze, generously cut for your project
  • Full page easy-to-read chart
  • Clear stitching instructions
  • A "tips" page with stitch diagrams
  • Diagrams and instructions for preparing your gauze for stitching

    Click on the titles in this list to see photos and notes about each title - all are available from your needlework retailer.

    Petites Classics
    A selection of favorite Petites designs are now available as separate chartpaks specifically for those who prefer not to use the silk gauze. Check the list of "Petites Classics" below. You will notice minor alterations in most of the designs selected.

    I do not handle direct retail sales - if you see something you like, contact your favorite retail needlework shop. The Where to Buy page is full of contact information on shops around the country and internationally. Just pick up the phone, stop by or use the web to place your order. Please support your favorite shops; they are an important resource for all things stitching and we can't continue without them.

    My framed pieces are carefully and beautifully handled by Lynne's Custom Framing right here in Clarksville, TN. If you have questions about the framing on any of the designs, or want her to frame yours - you have my hearty recommendation.

    NEW - July 2018
    Scary Berry

    Petites Classics
    A Family Sampler Classic
    Always Thankful
    Beach Blessing Classic
    Good Every Day
    Random Threads
    These Three Remain
    Upon This House
    We Are Blessed

    Seasonal Series
    Home in the Autumn
    Home at Christmas
    Home in the Spring
    Home in the Summer
    Home in the Winter
    Little Bit o' Autumn
    Little Bit o' Spring
    Little Bit o' Summer
    Little Bit o' Winter
    Jingle Squared
    Liberty Squared
    Scared Squared
    Seaside Squared
    4 Seasons

    Words to Live By Series
    Live Simply
    Care Deeply
    Love Generously
    Speak Kindly

    Little Bits o' Wisdom
    Beach Blessing
    Better to Give
    Heart & Compass
    Home Sweet Home
    Love True
    Second Spring
    Welcome Grace

    Little Bits o' the Holidays
    Birthday Bits
    Christmas Bits
    Easter Bits
    Freedom Bits
    Halloween Bits
    Happy New Year Bits
    Hanukkah Bits
    Kris Kringle Bits
    St. Patrick's Day Bits
    Thanksgiving Bits
    Valentine's Day Bits

    Grand Old Flag
    Liberty & Justice
    Liberty Squared
    Mermaid Berry
    Ocean of Wisdom
    Out of Many, One
    Owe Them All
    Sweet Freedom Berry
    Thanks to the Brave
    Victory & Peace

    Petite Collages
    Creating Petite Collage Art With Silk Gauze

    Silk Berry Collection
    Eden Berry
    Holly Berry
    Honey Berry
    Lucky Berry
    Mermaid Berry
    Nativity Berry
    Peacock Party Berry
    Quaker Berry
    Sampler Berry
    Scary Berry
    Sweet Freedom Berry

    Always Thankful
    Cats & Pumpkins
    Count Your Blessings
    'dem Bones
    Fall Bounty Berry
    Home Unto Thee
    Needle Nut
    Pumpkin Row
    Scary Berry
    Witches Go Riding

    Bit o' Merriment
    Christmas Blessing
    Ebenezer's Blessing
    Ebenezer's Christmas
    Holly Berry
    Holly Sampler
    Jingle Berry
    Joyful Christmas
    Linger in the Snowfall
    O Christmas Tree
    Spirit of Christmas
    'tis a Small Gift
    Winter Messenger
    Wise Men

    A Family Sampler
    All the Stars
    All Thy Works
    Ask, Seek & Knock
    Consider the Lilies
    Christ's Cross
    Earth's Flowers
    Every Moment
    From the Lord
    Good Every Day
    Just Believe
    Life is a Journey
    Little Flock
    O My Soul
    Olde Irish Blessing
    Peace Like a River
    Proverbs Child
    Quiet Moments
    Seven Virtues
    Sisters Together
    Standard of Grace
    These Three Remain
    Thick & Thin
    Thorns Have Roses
    To Thee My Heart
    Upon This House
    We are Blessed
    Woman of Valor

    Other Petites
    A Needle's Work
    A Sampling of Friends
    Blossom & Bloom
    Books & Friends
    Brown Bunny Run
    Golden Rule Days
    Mary Haven's Smalls
    Mermaid Kisses Nancy's Sewing Necessaries
    Random Threads
    This Home
    Time & Seasons

    See our TADSAW page

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    Sweetberry silk version

    Eden Berry silk version

    Peace Like a River

    Dem Bones

    A Needle's Work

    Liberty & Justice



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