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   Out of Many, One

E Pluribus Unum "Out of many, one." Did you know that early on America was sometimes compared to a bouquet of flowers, where unity and individuality existed side by side? The idea of a melting pot that blended everyone together came a bit later.

Some of the elements here are also found in the Great Seal: the shield, the eagle, the cluster of 13 stars in a blue "glory" field as well as the traditional red, white and blue colors.

I've added 13 stars up and around the top of the design as well as 13 Rhodes stitches tucked in amongst the motifs to add texture.

Stitch count:
94w x 92h

Weeks Dye Works: Chestnut 1269, Cocoa 1233, Linen 1094, Merlot 1334, Navy 1306, Onyx 1304, Putty 1201

Stitching Level:


A donation goes to TADSAW with the sale of this design.

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