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Available for both silk gauze and linen! Be sure to specify which when you purchase from your retailer.

The holy family on a holy night, surrounded by stars and some of the traditional nativity creatures, either will do nicely as an ornament for your tree, wreath and other holiday décor.

I used felted wool to cap both berries, adding custom straight pins and/or tiny brass star charms.

Silk Berry Stitch Count: 205 x 118

Threads for the Silk Berry:
The Gentle Art: Crystal Lake, Dried Thyme, Shaker White, Toffee, Wood Trail, Toasted Barley (open diamond symbol)
Weeks Dye Works: Deep Sea (10 yards), Flatfish, Grits, Havana, Hazelnut, Honeysuckle, Straw, Whiskey
DMC: 950 or 3773, and 3371

Early printings of the silk Nativity Berry are missing a symbol from the color key: the open/hollow diamond shape uses Toasted Barley from the Gentle Art.

Stitching Level: Intermediate

Linen Berry Stitch Count:
126 x 73 on 32ct Nocturne linen from Picture This Plus

Threads for the Linen Berry:
The Gentle Art: Dried Thyme, Toffee
Weeks Dye Works: Deep Sea, Flatfish, Grits, Honeysuckle, Whiskey
DMC: 950 or 3773, and 3371

NATIVITY BERRY Silk version top view NATIVITY BERRY Silk version
NATIVITY BERRY Linen version top view NATIVITY BERRY Linen version

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