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Stitching mends my soul - how true is that for all of us!

This is a simple design, stitched with just four colors of hand dyed floss, is ramped up a notch with the addition of the detailed border across the bottom.

The addition of teeny little Rhodes stitches adds texture and the bottom silhouette of the design has no background fill, so you get a bit of a 3-D tasseled effect.

Stitch this to remind yourself - or a stitching friend - of why you stitch!

Stitch count: 91 wide x 59 high (2.3" x 1.5")

The Gentle Art: Chives, Gold Leaf
Weeks Dye Works: Angel Hair 1109, Ocean 1282

Stitching Level:

Beginning to Intermediate:

Mending on 40ct Silk Gauze -- click to see more

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