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   Little Bits of Wisdom

This collection of little designs highlights a variety of quotes, proverbs, clichés, etc. which have caught my fancy for one reason or another. I try to use colors and motifs that typically symbolize the theme of the design; for example swans and pink roses are often used to note "grace." Not a 'series' that will be regular in any way, but rather this collection will grow as I discover bits of wisdom which inspire me to add new pieces.

All are designed to fit into teeny 2" x 2" frames from Olde Colonial Designs (stitch counts range from 71 to 76 stitches square) but are also wonderful in other framing or a little needle book or other bits of stitching goodness! See below for thread lists on each design.

I would recommend Better to Give, Love True or Second Spring for a beginner; none are more than an intermediate level.

Crescent Colours: Manor Red, Sunflower, Toasted Marshmallow
The Gentle Art: Forest Glade, Grasshopper, Uniform Blue

Love True
The Gentle Art: Caramel Corn, Forest Glade, Heirloom Gold, Holly Berry, Schoolhouse Red

Better to Give
Crescent Colours: Brandied Pears, Cupid, Steamed Broccoli
Weeks Dye Works: Bright Leaf 1227

Crescent Colours: Morning Glory
The Gentle Art: Baby Spinach
Weeks Dye Works: Amber 1224, Concord 1318

Second Spring
Crescent Colours: Brown Sugar, Fallen Leaves
The Gentle Art: Cherry Bark, Gold Leaf, Mulberry, Old Hickory
Weeks Dye Works: Chestnut 1269, Crimson 3860
DMC: 613

The Gentle Art: Sarsaparilla
Weeks Dye Works: Blue Heron 1155, Collards 1277, Lucky 4111
DMC: 168

Crescent Colours: Garden Trellis
The Gentle Art: Hyacinth, Tin Bucket
Weeks Dye Works: Cocoa 1233, Lilac 2334, Monkey Grass 2168
DMC: 3364

Welcome Grace
Crescent Colours: Magnolia Blossom
The Gentle Art: Antique Rose, Caramel Corn, Tarnished Gold
Weeks Dye Works: Seaweed 2159, Tarragon 2199

The Gentle Art: Dried Thyme, Flax, Old Blue Paint, Uniform Blue, Wrought Iron
Weeks Dye Works: Parchment 1110

Love True on 40ct Silk Gauze -- click to see more Hope on 40ct Silk Gauze -- click to see more

Welcome Grace on 40ct Silk Gauze -- click to see more Forgive on 40ct Silk Gauze -- click to see more

Delight -- click to see more

Better to Give -- click to see more

Better to Give -- click to see more

Attitude on 40ct Silk Gauze -- click to see more

Second Spring on 40ct Silk Gauze -- click to see more

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