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Little Bit o' Spring

As someone who does not in the least appreciate the winter weather, I'm usually looking forward to spring by the second week of January - latest! This little piece is so full of those colors that help me remember that spring really will come.

Oops! We discovered an error in the color key. Click here for a correct version - the error is with the symbols for the purple "Grape Pie" and green "Jolly Holly" colors.

Stitch count: 81 wide x 47 high (2" x 1.2")

Crescent Colours: Bella Rosa, Blushing Beauty, Cherry Tomato, Fancy Green NAncy, Fozen Margarita, Golden Star, Goldfish, Grape Pie, Jolly Holly, Snowball, Sunshine Girl
Weeks Dye Works: Morris Blue 2109

Stitching Level: Beginning to Intermediate

Little Bit o' Summer

It's all about the beach and cooling off in the heat of summer! A teeny starfish, crab, turtle and pelican watch over this beachfront castle.

Stitch count: 81 wide x 47 high (2" x 1.2")

The Gentle Art: Butternut Squash, Cidermill Brown, Flax, Huckleberry, Maple Syrup, Morning Glory, Pumpkin Patch, Rhubarb
Weeks Dye Works: Americana 1307, Lancaster Red 1333, Ocean 1282
DMC: white/blanc, 310, 937, 3347

Stitching Level: Intermediate

Little Bit 'O Spring on 40ct Silk Gauze -- click to see more

Little Bit 'O Summer on 40ct Silk Gauze -- click to see more

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