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A companion to Ebenezer's Christmas, this new berry is a must for your holiday stitching.

The color schemes are the same as the previous design, so you can easily include it with your other pieces.

In addition to the berry, there is a bonus chart with another quote from our favorite 'bah humbug' character - in both the silk and linen versions of the chartpak.

Silk Berry: Stitch count is 206 x 118

Classic Colorworks Silk: Baguette, Collard Greens, Old Crow, Peaches 'n Cream, Sister Scarlet
Au ver a soie silk: 'blanc'

Stitching Level: Intermediate

Linen Berry:
Stitch count is 126 x 72
36ct 'Dirty' linen from Zweigart
Weeks Dye Works: Raspberry, Seaweed

Silk Blessing (framed model):
Stitch count is 81 x 101
The Gentle Art: Caramel Corn, Schoolhouse Red
Weeks Dye Works: Angel Hair, Chestnut, Collards

Linen Blessing:
Stitch count is 77 x 73
40ct 'Legacy' linen from Picture This Plus
Weeks Dye Works: Collards, Raspberry

Ebenezer's Blessing
Ebenezer's Blessing

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