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New is fun, isn't it? We seem to absolutely crave whatever is the latest and greatest - well, here's the best place to satisfy that craving for all things petite and wonderful from Erica Michaels.

Click on the title or image to view a larger photo, a list of supplies and a suggested recommendation for the level of stitching expertise. Most designs will fall into an easy-to-intermediate category because these are so doable for most anyone.
 However, some are ideally suited to beginners and others are for the more experienced stitcher. Remember, we all stitch for pleasure - I hope this will help you make your decision about your next project easier.

When the next new designs are posted here, you can still find all of the current designs on the Petites page for easy reference.

Visit our new TADSAW page Erica Michaels is proud to support the Train a Dog -- Save a Warrior (TADSAW) program. For any of the patriotic/Americana-themed designs (including both petites and cross stitch), a portion of the proceeds is donated directly to TADSAW. What a great way to support returning soldiers and veterans -- and help shelter dogs!
Visit our TADSAW page for details.

MARCH, 2017


This series in the Linen Berry Collection is based on that holiday favorite, The 12 Days of Christmas. Each chartpak includes instructions for three berries; be sure you get all four parts!

Part 1: the partridge, turtle doves and French hens
Part 2: the calling birds, golden rings and geese
Part 3: the swans, maids a'milking and the dancing ladies
Part 4: the lords, pipers and drummers (coming June 2017)

By the Sea

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea...
A nostalgic theme for this sewing set - little changing tents line up for the front of the needle book, and the inside includes a couple of sea-bathers in their vintage swimwear, along with the lyrics to the chorus of this old song first published in 1914.

The resident mermaid adorns the large linen berry, as well as the design on silk gauze shown in the pocket watch finding. (It's also the perfect size for a scissor fob!)

Look for the companion mermaid from the Silk Berry Collection (available summer 2017)!

Eden Berry
Here's something for your Adam & Eve collection! All the key elements of the story are here, along with a portion of the verse from Genesis 8: and the Lord God planted a garden.

The apples on the linen berry are woven spider web stitches; there is also some over-one stitching and a few other details to round out the design features. The silk berry also includes a few tiny straight stitches for detail and the grassy area surrounding the serpent is a patterned satin stitch which adds textural detail.

Owe Them All
A reminder honoring those who serve, this model is stitched in a traditional Americana color palette.

A bit of texture is added in the white stripes using a zig-zag pattern of satin stitches.

Peace Like a River

A favorite hymn for many I've pulled just a small portion of the Spafford Hymn, It is Well with My Soul, for this piece.

I love the restful blues and greens, and the checkerboard background adds a more contemporary twist!

Mary Havens, 1837
The overflowing urn of flowers and the faded colors of this sampler are what first caught my interest, but I was drawn in further by the details Mary Havens incorporated into her sampler and the balance of the composition.

The original is not in good condition, but was graciously loaned to me so I could reproduce it.

Watch for the companion set of smalls, available summer 2017.

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