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Click on the titles in this list to see photos and notes, including any corrections, about each title - all are available from your needlework retailer. All designs on silk gauze are on a separate page especially for the Petites Collection.

Petites Classics
A selection of favorite Petites designs are now available as separate chartpaks specifically for those who prefer not to use the silk gauze. Check the list of "Petites Classics" below. You will notice minor alterations in most of the designs selected.

I do not handle direct retail sales - if you see something you like, contact your favorite retail needlework shop. The Where to Buy page is full of contact information on shops around the country and internationally. Just pick up the phone, stop by or use the web to place your order. Please support your favorite shops; they are an important resource for all things stitching and we can't continue without them. 

My framed pieces are carefully and beautifully handled by Lynne's Custom Framing right here in Clarksville, TN. If you have questions about the framing on any of the designs, or want her to frame yours - you have my hearty recommendation.

Titles marked with a red * will be closed out when current inventories are depleted. If a design is not shown on the website it is out of print; however, it might still be available from retailers who still have the item in their inventory.
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The 12 Berries of Christmas Part 3

NEW – September 2017
Fall Bounty Berry

Petites Classics
A Family Sampler – Classic
Always Thankful
Beach Blessing – Classic
Good Every Day
Random Threads
These Three Remain
Upon This House
We Are Blessed

Spring / Easter
Brown Bunny Run

Americana / Summer
A Wife's Prayer
By the Sea
Land of Liberty
Thanks to the Brave
We the People

Fall / Harvest
'dem Bones
Fall Bounty Berry
Give Thanks
Pumpkin Row
Toil & Trouble

Winter / Holiday
Ebenezer's Christmas
Humbly Born
Love & Joy
Peace & Quiet

Linen Berry Collection
12 Berries of Christmas
Eden Berry
Fall Bounty Berry
Holly Berry
Honey Berry
Nativity Berry
Quaker Berry
Sampler Berry

Petites w/Cross Stitch
Brown Bunny Run
'dem Bones
Ebenezer's Christmas
From the Lord
Nancy Alden, 1795
Pumpkin Row

Special Occasions
Love & Cherish

A Wife's Prayer
Amazing Grace
From the Lord
My Shade
My Ship
Share Faith

Mary Havens, 1837
Mary Havens’ Smalls
Nancy Alden, 1795
Nancy’s Sewing Necessaries
Stitcher's Blessing

Nancy Alden 1795

These Three Remain

From the Lord

Quaker Berry

Thanks to the Brave


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