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A Few Appropriate Remarks

The cemetery at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania was dedicated on November 19, 1863. Although a prominent orator of the day was the main speaker, President Lincoln was also invited to formally designate the grounds for the cemetery with "a few appropriate remarks." Those few remarks are some of the most famous of his many memorable speeches.

The large sampler is stitched on 36ct linen with a stitch count of 340 x 320, and although the text is the main focus of the design, I have added motifs, borders and cartouches as accents and to divide the text into smaller sections. My sampler includes details on my great-great-grandfather Biggs who was wounded during the battle. Diagrams and instructions are included so you may personalize your sampler - however, if you prefer to make yours more nonspecific details are included for that as well.

The chartpak includes
1) twelve pages of large, easy-to-read charts with an overall placement diagram for reference
2) detail charts for the cartouches and alphabets for personalization
3) a chart for the smaller model shown, which has a stitch count of 169 x 78, plus suggestions for stitching other portions of the design as separate works.

A donation goes to TADSAW with the sale of this design.
A Few Appropriate Remarks -- click to see more

A Few Appropriate Remarks -- click to see more

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